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"How We Do It"

SEP’s placement process uses both the conventional and unconventional in attaining successful conclusions for its client companies and affiliates. These may include:

  • Traditional sourcing of internet resume sites by individuals capable of identifying correct skill sets necessary for a successful placement;
  • Networking with our partner companies for candidates interested in relocating to your area;
  • Networking with our past placements, active candidates, client companies and affiliates, and friends of SEP to identify who may be reviewing their options;
  • Placing advertisements on web sites, newspapers and periodicals;
  • Using job fairs and specific “company ins;” and
  • Sourcing from companies who are not SEP clients or affiliates where employees have the same skill sets required by our client.

Once a candidate is identified and qualified, references are immediately checked by SEP. The candidate is submitted to the client company with interview availability, salary requirements and reference comments. As part of the scheduling process, the candidate is given background on the company and details regarding the specific opening. The applicant is prepared prior to the interview, debriefed following the interview and closed by SEP personnel.

Our Cost

SEP operates as both a retained and contingency fee firm. We are always willing, when appropriate for both parties, to take a portion of our fee in stock or options of the hiring or parent company.







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